Vandal Resistant Pull Box Insert

Vandal Resistant Pull Box Insert

Product Overview

McCain’s Vandal Resistant Pull Box Insert is a simple and effective means to reduce and discourage copper theft; providing safety and security to pull boxes of all types and sizes. Copper theft is a rising problem across the country, increasing 500% since 2001. This is not only costly to taxpayers and timely to repair, it can also create dangerous conditions and pose a serious threat to the national infrastructure. The unauthorized removal of existing copper can cause serious issues, including but not limited to loss of traffic signals, street lighting, and communications resulting in accidents, traffic delays, and injuries. Protect your valuable assets and infrastructure with McCain’s patented Vandal Resistant Pull Box Insert.


  • Protects essential infrastructure assets, promoting community safety
  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel to prevent rusting
  • Easily retrofits existing pull boxes
  • Proven and tested third generation design

Features & Specifications

McCain reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. For the most up-to-date information, please contact McCain.

Standard Features

  • Lid forms integral cover over lock shackle
  • Lock housing welded to bottom of lid
  • Mounting brackets, with tapped grounding holes (2)
  • Tabs on mounting brackets slip under pull box walls
  • Grounding kit includes bolts and washers to fasten ground wire to brackets (2 ea.)

General Specifications

Dimensions Varies according to style and size of pull box
Thickness Lid and Lock Box: 3/16”
Mounting Brackets and Lock Hasp: 1/4”
Material Steel
Finishes Hot-dipped, galvanized
Shipping Weight (examples) 28” L x 15” W: 39 lbs
21” L x 11” W: 25 lbs


  • Custom sizes
  • Custom mounting

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