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Blank-Out Signs

Blank-Out Signs

Product Brochure:

Product Overview

McCain’s LED Blank-Out Signs are an excellent way to provide clearly visible information to motorists, even in direct sunlight, ideal for reinforcing traffic signals and minimizing undesirable motorist movements. Blank-out signs are a superior alternative to static warning and regulatory signs due to their increased visibility, creating a safer driving environment. McCain offers both custom signs and standard signs that conform to Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) font and symbol sign standards. In addition, McCain’s Blank-Out Signs’ enclosures meet NEMA 3R standards.


  • Symbols conform to MUTCD sign standards, and fonts to Highway Gothic, “D”
  • Automatic dimming responds to ambient light reducing energy consumption
  • LED strings are staggered to maintain symbol integrity if one LED should fail
  • Modern design with LED’s mounted on modular circuit boards
  • Assemblies can be removed and replaced with simple hand tools for easy maintenance
  • Door is easy to open and fully sealed with the same flange design as standard traffic cabinets

Standard Features

  • Conforms to applicable MUTCD standards
  • LED’s mounted on modular PCB’s
  • LED strings with no more than 4 LED’s per string, are staggered to maintain symbol integrity if an LED fails
  • Non-glare, high-impact, gray acrylic window
  • Automatic dimming adjusts to ambient light level
  • Can withstand temperatures ranging from -37° C to 74° C and humidity from 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Adjustable flashing circuit
  • 7” sun visor
  • Screened weep holes
  • Reliable FR4 PCB’s, black solder mask, conformal coated


  • Modular message circuit boards (with LED’s)
  • Solid state power supply
  • LED interface board (dimmer)
  • Photocell
  • Control relay
  • Field connection terminal block

General Specifications

Window Dimensions
24” x 24”
24” x 30”
30” x 30”
36” x 36”
Overall Demensions: 28” x 28” x 6” (13” incl. visor)
28” x 34” x 6” (13” incl. visor)
34” x 34” x 6” (13” incl. visor)
40” x 40” x 6” (13” incl. visor)
Available Messages
(MUTCD or Caltrans designations shown where applicable):

No Right Turn Symbol (R3-1)
No Left Turn Symbol (R3-2)
Right Turn Only Words (R41)
Left Turn Only Words (R42)
No U-Turn Symbol (R3-4)
Bus Symbol & Word (RA-020) No Right Turn Symbol (R3-1)
No Left Turn Symbol (R3-2)
Trolley Symbol (W10-7)
Use 2 (or 3) Lanes Words
Do Not Enter Words
No Right Turn, Words (R16b)
Material: 5052-H32 marine-grade aluminum, 0.125” thick; Finish: Black powder coat (custom colors available)
Front, hinged door with padlock hasp
LED Type / Colors:
Red: 630 nm ? and amber: 591 nm ?, high intensity, AllnGaPII
White: x=0.31, y=0.31, high intensity, InGaN
Sign Viewing Angle:
Red & white LED’s: 23°, amber LED’s: 30°
Power Supply:
Solid state, 95 - 125 VAC input, 12-15 VDC output, >95% power factor
Power Consumption:
35 W - 105 W (varies per message)
Ventilation louvers provided on back of housing, includes washable filter
Weight 48 lbs 60 lbs
65 lbs
94 lbs


  • Small format available in pedestrian housings
  • Custom messages and symbols
  • Several sizes available

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