When it comes to Advanced Traffic Control Cabinets (ATCC), if a manufacturer is to lead, they need to design, produce, and install cabinets that are safe, modular, and energy-efficient.

Drive On | Corporate Magazine,  September 2021 - SWARCO’s Californian subsidiary McCain offers more than 300 versatile and dependable industry and agency standard cabinets. In this edition of DRIVE ON we meet our colleague Reza Roozitalab, P.E., VP of Hardware Engineering, to direct attention to a cabinet range that meets the unique specifications of a widely diverse customer base, and the ways in which we bring order to some of America’s most unruly intersections. Imagine if you will some of the most complex intersections in the United States. Let’s look at three examples.

SEVEN CORNERS – The 7 Corners Business District intersections in Virginia:

The Challenge: The 7 Corners Business District is a complex configuration with multiple traffic and pedestrian movements, the challenge was to keep both moving in the safest manner possible.

The Solution: The McCain 352 ATC Cabinet was chosen by the agency and their consultant as it was ideal in permitting the addition of more pedestrian movements and indicators at the intersection that their previous cabinet which had limited output channels could not handle. The McCain ATC Cabinet architecture was uniquely suited to add pedestrian movements and indicators resulting in a substantial enhancement in safety.

THE CITY OF ANGELS STRETCHES ITS WINGS – MyFigueroa: A Better Street for All Modes of Traffic in Los Angeles:

The Challenge: MyFigueroa transformed one of Los Angeles’ most iconic and primary arteries for transportation and commerce. The desire of the City of Los Angeles was to transform the Figueroa Corridor between 7th Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard into a ‘complete street’ that would better serve the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and drivers. The existing cabinet was not capable of handling the additional bike lanes and other demands.

The Solution: The McCain ATC Cabinet solution enabled the city to add bike lanes, bike rental access, metro line buses, subway, cars, and trucks, as well as pedestrians to share the streetscape safely, while improving access and movement.

A TEXAS SIZED PROBLEM – (SW Loop 820 / Crowley Rd. / James Avenue) Forth Worth, Texas:

The Challenge: This unique set of intersections is one not repeated anywhere else in the United States. Consisting of four intersections in the City of Fort Worth, the ATCC installation required several independent 332 cabinets. The ATCC would need to be placed in an existing service shack under the overpass, which enabled the agency to mount a display in the safety of the shack to help them understand the operation.

The Solution: The McCain ATC Cabinet had to have two racks; one for outputs (signals) and one for inputs (detectors and sensors). We placed the cabinet in the underpass shack, old equipment had to be removed before being replaced. The result has been a significant increase in both movement and safety with multiple intersection operation brought into one controller and cabinet, thus simplifying coordination and operation. When Reza Roozitalab, who, by the way, received the Manfred Swarovski Award for outstanding performance in 2019, is asked what he would consider to be the ultimate intersection not yet under McCain ATCC, he says without hesitation that this would be the Dupont Circle intersection in Washington DC.

By continuing to focus on innovation and the core values of safety, modularity, and energy efficiency, McCain ATCC will remain at the forefront of solutions.


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