ATC eX Controllers

Modernize traffic control with the power and flexibility of McCain ATC-compliant controllers. The ATC eX series of controllers provides superior, multi-application control and gives cities the unparalleled ability to evolve with traffic needs and meet the future head on.

Superior Control

  • Embrace multi-tasking capabilities
  • Minimize hardware requirements

Trusted Design

  • Built on the ATC standard
  • Open architecture functionality

System-Wide Compatibility

  • NTCIP compliant
  • Connect to any environment

ATC eX NEMA Controller

ATC eX NEMA controllers are advanced, multi-application controllers that simultaneously support multiple software applications through a single platform. Designed from the ground-up based on NEMA TS 2 and ATC 5.2b standards, the ATC eX NEMA controller provides revolutionary flexibility and control. The single ATC eX compliant housing can be configured for either TS 2 Type 1 or TS 2 Type 2 applications and is backward compatible with TS 1. This allows end users to upgrade existing intersections to a modern, high-performance platform without replacing cabinet hardware.


  • Compliant with NEMA and ATC standards
  • Powerful CPU and generous memory configurations
  • Multi-tasking ability minimizes the amount of hardware required at intersections
  • Robust, open-architecture Linux platform supports application software from multiple vendors
  • Wide variety of communication options for connectivity in any environment
  • Multiple configuration options include NEMA TS 1, TS 2 Type 1, and TS 2 Type 2

Controller Standard Features

Operating System

  • Linux
Modules (standard, included) Microprocessors
  • Freescale PowerQUICC II Pro microprocessor


  • 16MB Flash memory
  • 128MB DDR RAM (expandable)
  • 2MB Non-volatile SRAM

Applicable Standards

  • NEMA TS 2-2003 v2.06
  • ATC 5.2b
  • All applicable NTCIP base standards


  • Backup Real-Time Clock (RTC)

Controller Interfaces

Communication Interfaces

  • SDLC ports (2) including SP3 routed to NEMA TS 2 Port 1
  • Serial (asynchronous) on front panel (3)
  • Serial (asynchronous) on 2070 compatible modem slot (2)
  • ENET 1: 100 Base-T Ethernet switch, 1 uplink, and 3 additional ports
  • ENET 2: 100 Base-T Ethernet port dedicated for local communications (i.e. laptop or similar)
  • USB ports (4)

Front Panel Interface

  • Display: 16 lines x 40 characters
  • Keyboard: 7 x 4 keypad (28 key)

Cabinet Interfaces

  • NEMA TS 2 Type 1 Port 1 (SDLC)
  • NEMA TS 2 Type 1 A connector
  • NEMA TS 2 Type 2 A, B, C and D connectors

General Specifications


TS 2 Type 1: 7” H x 10” W x 10.5” D
TS 2 Type 2: 10” H x 10” W x 10.5” D

Form Factor Shelf mount configuration
Power 89 VAC to 135 VAC, 60 Hz (± 3 Hz)

Operating Temperature: -37° C to +74° C
Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)


TS 2 Type 1: 7 lbs (± based on final module selection)

TS 2 Type 2: 10 lbs (± based on final module selection)


  • 256MB DDR memory expansion
  • Optional modules
  • Various communication modules (2070 form factor)
  • GPS module
  • Custom D connectors
  • International Input Voltage: 190VAC to 253VAC, 50 Hz (± 3 Hz)

McCain, Inc. reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. For the most up-to-date information, please contact McCain.