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OPTIPARK Parking Guidance System

OPTIPARK Parking Guidance

System Overview

Our fully modular system can be tailored to your unique parking needs and budget.

How it Works

Our solution begins with sophisticated optical detection at key decision points that tracks availability throughout the parking facility.

Highly-accurate vehicular data is collected and analyzed by OPTIPARK Software which can share availability with apps, websites, business intelligence tools, and OPTIPARK Signs within structures, at garage entrances, and on roadways throughout the community.

Using globally-proven technology, OPTIPARK Signs allow operators to display availability and provide options for posting dynamic pricing, custom messages, full-color images, ads, and promotions.


Superior accuracy starts with superior detection. One single-wire camera at each critical decision point uses object recognition and path tracking to determine space availability.


Get drivers into available spaces quicker and decrease congestion. Dynamic and variable message signs, DMS and VMS respectively, can be used within the garage, at entrances, or throughout the city.

OPTIPARK® Software

The brains of the operation. Collect, gather, analyze, and share parking data with patrons, management, or other third-party systems with a single data aggregator.


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System Benefits

OPTIPARK PGS is a field-tested and internationally-proven parking guidance solution. The system is fully customizable to meet your unique needs whether you need a few cameras, wayfinding signs, PARCS integration, or data.

The smart parking system offers:
  • An enhanced user experience
  • Increased utilization & revenue
  • The ability to add on or integrate with other solutions
  • Provides data for integration with websites, apps, and more

Smart City Initiative

As an industry leader in intelligent transportation systems (ITS), McCain OPTIPARK PGS is the only NTCIP-compliant, smart parking solution that enables you to integrate with citywide traffic operations.
  • Create citywide wayfinding
  • Integrate with traffic operations
  • Reduce congestion on surrounding streets
  • Boost quality of life

Comparison Matrix

Modernize your parking operations with OPTIPARK PGS - offering more value than a simple counting system at a fraction of the cost of single-space systems.

Basic Counting


Single-Space Solutions

High-accuracy vehicle counting

Ease of installation

NTCIP compliant

Vendor agnostic

All components from a single source

Price range

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