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Beyond the Cabinet - City Beautification and Urbanization

While some may argue that graffiti is an art form, most people and agencies agree that the scribbles and tags are nothing but costly eyesores to cities. Even when cleaned or painted over, property is often hit repeatedly causing a never ending and expensive cycle. In recent decades, graffiti has been on the rise, but cities and agencies are finding new and more permanent ways to combat this crime while making, and keeping their cities clean and beautiful.

Vandalism's True Cost
San Diego set aside $2.1 million in their budget for graffiti this year and Caltrans is spending about $280,000 to clear graffiti from highways in San Diego and Imperial Counties annually. Tennessee also reported at least $86,000 being spent on graffiti removal alone. 

Beyond the thousands of tax-payer and agency dollars being spent to remove graffiti, there are social repercussions that happen to areas that are hit with graffiti and other acts of vandalism. According to the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, graffiti is often related to other crimes including public disorder, shoplifting, gangs, violence, and destruction to other property in the area. 

What can we do?
Historically, the best way to deal with graffiti is "immediate" removal - removal between 24-48 hours of it appearing anywhere - a process that is often daunting and not achievable for many cities. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, graffiti is the cause of at least 35% of all vandalism in the united states and 75% of all traffic signs need to be replaced because of vandalism.  

Luckily there are preventative measures that can be taken which are proving to be less costly and time consuming. 


Beauty in Action
Cities across the nation have been reaping the benefits of city beautification with projects that bring businesses back and give the community something to be proud of. Take the cities of Renton, Aurora, and Boise who worked with schools, community members, and agencies to bring pieces of art to life right on their streets. 

Not only are they beautiful to look at, the wrapped cabinets are also proven to be targeted less. If vandalism does occur, the clean-up process is quick and easy which deters repeat offenders.

Renton, WA


The City of Renton involved  local graphic art schools to create artwork to place throughout the city, turning students designs into artwork the whole city could enjoy.

Aurora, CO


The City of Aurora developed and installed concepts and art throughout popular and new neighborhoods bringing in businesses and civic pride to these thriving neighborhoods.

Boise, ID


The city of Boise worked with artists across the city and turned their paintings into high resolution digital files and installed the artwork throughout the city.

Learn More
Looking to learn more about beautification projects and anti-graffiti programs? Want to promote morale and civic virtue in your community? Join us as we look at this growing trend and introduce you to TrafficWrapz’ line of anti-graffiti and chemical resistant protectants that turn intersection cabinets into custom pieces of art in our next webinar.




Interested in a City Beautification project? Please contact us so we can help supply you with the information and tools needed to keep your city beautiful.


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