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Increasing Use Cases for Dynamic Message Signs

Imagine sitting in traffic, not knowing what, or how long the delay is. Or worse, not knowing if an alternate route would help or hinder your travel time. This was the reality of the not so distant past, but thanks to tools like Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), commuters are making more informed decisions with up-to-date information being displayed to them about travel times, accidents, and more. As we watch the technology improve, we see more uses for DMS - including Variable Message Signs (VMS), Lane Control Signs (LCS), and Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS).

This month we take a look at the technology behind these signs and how they are improving commuter travel every day with increasing uses and functionality. 

Going Green
Nearly every industry is going green, including the traffic management industry. McCain VMS signs produce 25% more output while consuming 75% less power in comparison to Changeable Message Signs (CMS). To put that in perspective; the reduction in energy consumption saves over 25.5 tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of a car travelling over 10,000 miles annually! With statistics like those, it’s easy to see why more and more agencies are choosing to replace their outdated equipment with cleaner more environmentally friendly versions.

Going green can be beneficial to more than just the environment. Come and take a look at the stats and you too will see why agencies are seeing that it just makes “cents” to move to DMS.


The Future is Clear
The technology in these DMS are not just budget and environmentally friendly, but they are easy on the eyes – literally. The precision optic technology captures 100% of light energy emitted. What does this mean exactly? No glare, fogging or condensation offering a more clear and visible picture than ever before.



And because these signs emit little to no heat, and require no fans or bulky de-fogging equipment, their life span is greater than 15 years! It's easy to see why the future is clear with DMS, now with more styles and functionality to fit your agency's needs.


Provide highway advisory information to the motoring public. These advanced signs meet the latest Caltrans TEES.


Adjust Speed limit in response to road traffic conditions such as heavy traffic or adverse weather. 


Blank-out Signs 
Reinforce traffic signals and minimize undesirable motorist movements, creating a safer driving environment.

They Can Do What?
Functionality is probably one of the most impressive aspects of DMS. Being able to display any message (images, words, or a combination of both) from virtually anywhere has been a game changer for agencies. Signs like VMS, LCS, and VSLS can even run schedules for Day of Week, Month of Year, or any specific date, opening the door for better traffic management.

Learn more about DMS and their capabilities by catching up with our Dynamic Signs Webinar on demand.



Of course, Team McCain is always on-hand to help answer any questions you may have, so don't hesitate to contact us.


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