McCain 2070LX ATC controller improves pedestrian safety and traffic flow at busy school crossing.

SAN DIEGO, California, May 5, 2022- McCain Inc., a long-standing industry leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) supporting safety and mobility, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SWARCO Group, is proud to be recognized by Caltrans Excellence in Transportation Awards Program. The City of Santa Clarita partnered with McCain Inc. and Kimley Horn and Associates, Inc. to reduce traffic congestion and improve pedestrian safety in a busy school zone with the implementation of an exclusive pedestrian crossing by time of day, known as a pedestrian scramble, at the intersection of Seco Canyon Road and Decoro Drive. This effort earned the City of Santa Clarita recognition in the Caltrans annual program which highlights its best work and the work of its partners.

The intersection of Seco Canyon Road and Decoro Drive is adjacent to two schools in Santa Clarita. During school hours, this intersection becomes very congested due to the large volume of students and motorist traffic. During most times of the day, the intersection operates with pedestrians walking at the same time as cars. To reduce traffic congestion and improve pedestrian safety, McCain helped the city implement a modified exclusive pedestrian crossing, known as a pedestrian scramble, for operation during peak school traffic hours. This exclusive pedestrian movement enables all pedestrians to cross the intersection simultaneously while all vehicle traffic is stopped. With safety being a top priority, this was an important initiative for the city.

To facilitate the implementation, the intersection was upgraded to a McCain 2070LX ATC Controller equipped with Omni eX® Intersection Control Software. Luke Baker, Senior ITS Engineer at McCain Inc., worked alongside Santa Clarita’s team to implement the unique and complex controller timing configuration. “During school start and end times, when pedestrian demand is very high, the controller operates with an exclusive pedestrian phase. What this means is once per cycle all the vehicles are stopped while all of the pedestrian movements come on together, allowing more people to cross the street safely,” says Baker.

Since the implementation of the pedestrian scramble, Seco Canyon Road and Decoro Drive, traffic circulation has greatly improved at the intersection. Motorists no longer need to wait for large volumes of pedestrians to cross the street during a green light before they can make a turn. The project resulted in reduced congestion and shorter travel times for cars, eliminated conflicts with cars and pedestrians, and enhanced pedestrian safety for students and parents who use the crosswalks daily. McCain is honored to be recognized for this effort at Seco Canyon Road and Decoro Drive and continues to be a strategic partner with the City of Santa Clarita to help improve traffic congestion, improve safety, and offer top of the line traffic control technology.

About the City of Santa Clarita

With a population of more than 225,000, the City of Santa Clarita is the third-largest city in Los Angeles County. The city has a thriving economy, award-winning schools, and promotes a healthy lifestyle with many leisure activities. A premier location to move a family or business, Santa Clarita boasts over 100 miles of pristine trails, some of Los Angeles County’s largest master planned business parks in addition to some of the State’s most coveted golf courses, charming wine lounges, family and fine dining, impressive retail shopping, live music events, and a rich western heritage. Santa Clarita blends its small-town charm with the sophistication of a larger urban center.

About McCain, Inc.

McCain, Inc. creates intelligent transportation solutions and is a leader in traffic control equipment, promoting safer, more mobile, and livable communities. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the SWARCO Group, the San Diego-based transportation technology firm provides high-quality products and services to optimize traffic flow, information sharing, and parking solutions to improve safety, the environment, and quality of life for all road users. McCain’s innovative solutions are paving the way to the future by creating the next generation of smart city capabilities and helping to prepare the infrastructure for connected and autonomous vehicles.

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