LX Cabinets

The architecture of the LX cabinet series is deeply rooted in the advanced functionality of ITS cabinets. Easily accommodate components for intersection control while providing ample space for additional ITS applications equipment.

Increase Safety

  • Reduce likelihood for electrocution
  • Cover high-voltage components

Embrace Flexibility

  • Intelligent, modular design
  • Interchangeable assemblies

Trusted Technology

  • Use for a multitude of traffic applications
  • Caltrans TEES compliant


342/4LX Hub, CCTV, ITS Cabinet

Oversized, four-door communications cabinet for 170 or 2070 controllers with added safety.

342LX Cabinet

Oversized, four-door traffic control cabinet for 170 or 2070 controllers with added safety.

344LX Cabinet

Oversized, four-door ramp meter cabinet for 170 or 2070 controllers with added safety.

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