342LX Cabinet

342LX Cabinets are a progressive traffic control cabinet that boasts enhanced safety features to protect personnel from inadvertent contact with potentially dangerous high-voltage parts. Its oversized design, rooted in the advanced functionality of ITS cabinets, easily accommodates components for intersection management, while providing ample space for alternate ITS applications equipment.


  • Protect personnel from accidental contact with high voltages
  • Use for a multitude of traffic applications
  • Interchange assemblies and components easily
  • Access spacious interior though two sets of double doors
  • Comply with the latest Caltrans TEES standard

Standard Features

  • 8-phase, 4-pedestrian operation
  • 36 detector channel capability
  • 2-channel or 4-channel industry standard detection modules
  • Railroad (2) and emergency vehicle (4) preemption inputs
  • Solid state relay (SSR)
  • Relay safety feature
  • Programmable “Yellow/Red” or “All Red”
  • DC isolation inputs for pedestrian push buttons and special functions
  • 210/2010 signal monitor slot
  • Transient voltage and surge suppression filter
  • Drawer/shelf combination
  • C11 harness
  • Lights


Fan Panel Assembly

Lamp Assembly

Equipment Rack Assembly

  • Mounting cage
  • Service PDA
  • Drawer shelf assembly
  • Equipment shelf assembly

Rack Assembly

  • Mounting cage
  • Power distribution assembly #2LX
  • 206L power supply
  • Input files I and J
  • Output file #1LX
  • Service panel #1 assembly
  • Input panel assembly
  • Drawer shelf

General Specifications

Dimensions 67” H x 45” W x 26” D
Material 5052-H32 aluminum, 0.125” thick
Finish Natural, anodized, or powder coated with optional anti-graffiti coating
Door(s) Front (2), back (2), all full size
Handles 3/4” round, stainless steel, with padlock feature
Mounting Base mounted
Weight 368 lbs without plug-ins or controller


  • Anchor bolts for mounting