Dynamic + Fixed Traffic Signs

Inform drivers and alert them of changing road conditions or hazards with SWARCO McCain’s array of traditional signs available in standard and custom sizes to meet any application's needs.


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Hover over the images below to see just a few of the reasons why SWARCO McCain's signs are unbeatable in today's market.


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    Energy Efficient

    Drawing a tenth of the power of leading competitor's signs, SWARCO McCain's Dynamic Message Signs powered by SWARCO technology give off little to no heat, eliminating the need for bulky cooling or defogging equipment. With less equipment comes reduced energy consumption and maintenance resulting in the lowest cost of ownership for any signs on the market.

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    Minimal Maintenance

    Powerful and innovative components require minimal equipment resulting in the longest mean time between failures (MTBF) and next-to-no maintenance. Peace-of-mind and putting your city's dollars to work where actually needed are just two of the many benefits SWARCO McCain's dynamic message signs bring to the table.

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    Precision Optic Technology

    Integrated surface-mount 3-in-1 RGB LEDs combined with SWARCO's Precision Optic lensing provide the sharpest, full-color display on the market. With 26.5:1 contrast ratio, 12-30mm pixel pitch, and 1kHz refresh rate, SWARCO McCain's Dynamic Message Signs capture 100% of light energy emitted yielding truer color and superior legibility - up to 1,200 feet! - in many conditions, including low-angle and direct sunlight.

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    Informed drivers are safe drivers. Dynamic Message Signs provide advisory information like road closures, hazards, and detours to the motoring public using full-color text, symbols, and pictures.

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    Variable Speed Limit signs save lives by allowing speed limits to be adjusted in response to hazardous conditions such as heavy traffic or adverse weather.

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    Keep traffic moving and actively manage traffic by directing motorists to open lanes or alerting them of lane closures with Lane Control Signs.

Trusted Across the Country

With 30k+ installations, SWARCO McCain's Dynamic Message Signs keep the country moving through pertinent roadside information, warnings, and directional messaging. From airports and major venues to carpool lanes and toll roads, it's no wonder why some of the biggest agencies turn to SWARCO McCain for their signage needs.

Interested in learning more?

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SWARCO McCain, Inc. reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. For the most up-to-date information, please contact SWARCO McCain.