Walk-In Signs

A walk-in dynamic message sign provides convenient access for maintenance with a door on the side. The sign provides a working environment that is safe with adequate lighting and ventilation. The maintenance access door is designed to provide a tight seal when closed. These weatherproofing measures ensure the longevity and reliability of the dynamic message sign, particularly in outdoor installations exposed to the elements. It also has security features such as locks or tamper-proof mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. This sign provides real-time updates about any disruptions on highways.

*custom & other options available


  • Displays any combination of text, symbols, and images
  • Unmatched contrast ratios
  • Clear, uniform visibility from any angle 
  • Emits little to no heat, eliminating the need for cooling, ventilation, and defogging equipment
  • Low total cost of ownership thru reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Draws 1/10 of the power of other signs
  • Eliminates sunlight and headlight glare
  • Meets or exceeds NEC and NEMA standards