Arterial Signs

Arterial dynamic message signs are used on roadways to convey real-time information to drivers using full-color, LED displays. These signs are typically located along arterial roads and highways and are designed to provide motorists with important information about traffic conditions, road closures, detours, emergency alerts, and other relevant updates. Arterial message signs are dynamic and offer flexibility with their messaging.

*Custom & other options available


  • Displays any combination of text, symbols, and images
  • Clear visibility and color uniformity from any angle with unrivaled contrast ratios
  • Emits little to no heat, eliminating the need for cooling, ventilation, and defogging equipment
  • Low total cost of ownership thru reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Draws 1/10 of the power of other signs
  • Eliminates sunlight and headlight glare
  • Meets or exceeds NEC and NEMA standards