Illuminated Street Name Sign (ISNS)

Illuminated Street Name Signs (ISNS) improve street name visibility and legibility from a distance increasing street recognition, road safety, aesthetics, and overall infrastructure. ISNS signs are particularly popular at high-volume intersections and at night, since street name signs receive only 10% of headlight illumination, making them more difficult to see.


  • Increase intersection safety
  • View from up to 500’
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Access quickly without tools
  • Customize with city logos or state shields

Standard Features

  • Available in 4’, 6’or 8’ sizes
  • Single or double-sided sign
  • Single-piece solid top with drip trays
  • Drain holes
  • SJTOW electric cord (available in varying lengths)
  • Continuous top-hinge or pole mount
  • Thumbscrews

General Specifications

Dimensions Length: 4’, 6’ or 8’
Height: 18” or 29”
Width: 12” (max)
Material Marine-grade aluminum
Finish Natural
Character Highway Gothic series C, D and E
Lamp T8 cool-white fluorescent lamps or LED light engine
Overlay Colors Holly green, interstate blue, monarch blue, rust brown, or custom colors
Power Voltage: 120 VAC
Consumption: 1.4 A (max)


  • Reflective panels available in clear, impact-modified acrylic 0.125” thick with 3M VIP Diamond Grade reflective sheeting
  • Photocell
  • High wind kit
  • 1/8” safety cable(s)