Changeable Message Signs

800 Series

Changeable Message Signs (CMS): 800 Series provide pertinent roadside information and warnings to en-route motorists through high quality, full-color LED displays. Strategically placed, these signs improve overall traffic flow and commuter safety. Commonly used CMS applications include safety information near airports and major venues, data regarding road closures or detours, direction and availability of carpool lanes or toll roads, advisory phone numbers, and general alerts.


  • Boasts advanced LED pixel matrix module design
  • Supports standard assemblies, ensuring component interchangeability
  • Cuts costs due to higher energy efficiency
  • Notifies operator of pixel failure and live sign/message status
  • Provides live status of door open, temperature, and humidity alarms
  • Facilitates quick and efficient service or repair
  • Provides reduced glare and increased message contrast and visibility
  • Three Caltrans configurations available (800, 810, and 820) to meet your needs

Standard Features

  • NTCIP 1203 V3 compliant
  • NEMA TS 4 standards compliant
  • Caltrans 2020 TEES compliant and Caltrans QPL approved
  • Real-time sign diagnostics and full pixel feedback
  • Ground or pole mount controller cabinet
  • Message control via override, local or central schedule
  • Full-color RGB includes 64 million colors
  • Watertight precision optical lens
  • 5 year warranty

General Specifications


CMS 800: 308" W x 87" H x 18" D

CMS 810: 175" W x 55" H x 14" D

CMS 820: 100" W x 56" H x 14" D


Housing: 5052-H32 aluminum, 0.125” thick

Matrix: 0.118” thick anodized aluminum and painted

Access Front
Display   Technology Full Matrix, Full Color; 3-in-1 SMD RGB
Pixel Pitch 20 mm

CMS 800 & 810:110/120 VAC, 60 Hz

CMS 820: 120 VAC single phase 5 VDC internal (2-wire plus ground)


CMS 800 & 810: -40°C to +85°C

CMS 820: -44°C to +85°C


CMS 800: ± 2,261 lbs

CMS 810: ± 502 lbs

CMS 820: ± 277 lbs