336L Cabinet

336L Cabinets are compact cabinets that can be base, pedestal or pole mounted. Meeting all Caltrans and FHWA requirements, 336L Cabinets offer easy access to all interior assemblies and field terminations through two sets of double doors. The cabinet reduces energy consumption through a high-efficiency power supply and is also made without the use of the harmful toxin mercury.


  • Increase design flexibility with multiple mounting options
  • Versatile, weatherproof, and secure cabinet
  • Interchange assemblies between manufacturers
  • Reduce the effects of vandalism with optional anti-graffiti coating
  • Mercury-free, ecofriendly design
  • Comply with Caltrans and FHWA requirements

Standard Features

  • 8-phase, 4-pedestrian operation
  • 16 detector channels
  • 2-channel or 4-channel industry standard detection modules
  • Railroad preemption inputs, AC isolation (2)
  • Emergency vehicle preemption inputs (4)
  • Solid state relay (SSR)
  • Relay safety feature
  • Programmable “Yellow/Red”, “All Red” or “No Flash”
  • DC isolation inputs for pedestrian push buttons and special functions
  • 210 Signal Monitor slot
  • Transient voltage and surge suppression filter


  • 14-position input file
  • 12-position output file
  • Model PDA-2L Power Distribution Assembly
  • Model 206L power-saving, high-efficiency power supply
  • Flash transfer relay sockets (4)
  • Dual-circuit flasher positions (2)
  • Input panel
  • Service panel
  • Police panel with signal “On/Off” and “Auto/Flash” switches

General Specifications

Dimensions 46” H x 24” W x 20” D
Material 5052-H32 aluminum, 0.125” thick
Finish Natural, anodized, or powder coated with optional anti-graffiti coating
Door(s) Front (1), back (1), all full size
Handles 3/4” round, stainless steel, with padlock feature
Mounting Base, pedestal, or side of pole mounting
Weight 265 lbs without plug-ins or controller


  • Mounting equipment
  • Auxiliary output file