346 ITS Cabinet

346 ITS Cabinets are a compact, rugged, and intelligent cabinet designed to provide superior transportation control. Patterned after the industry standard 336 cabinet, the 346 ITS Cabinet provides convenient modularity for a flexible control system. In addition to traffic control, the cabinet’s intelligent design is applicable to many other control requirements including sign control and ramp meters.


  • Increase flexibility and options for intersection design
  • Operate modern state-of-the-art traffic control functions
  • Interchange assemblies easily between manufacturers
  • Ideal for all ITS applications including traffic control

Standard Features

  • Standard 218 SIU’s for input and output serial control
  • Modular power, DC, and serial buses
  • Fluorescent cabinet lights (2), front and back


  • 12-position input file
  • 14-pack output file
  • Raw/clean AC power, 2 socket
  • 24 VDC power supply
  • DC power / communication
  • Power distribution assembly (PDA)
  • Dual-circuit flasher positions (2)
  • Service panel, AC and EG buses
  • Police panel with signal “On/Off”, “Auto/Flash” and “Auto/Manual” switches
  • Fiber optic termination panel
  • Drawer
  • Manual advance push button cable

General Specifications

Dimensions 46” H x 24” W x 20” D
Material 5052-H32 aluminum, 0.125” thick
Finish Natural, anodized, or powder coated with optional anti-graffiti coating
Door(s) Front (1), back (1), all full size
Handles 3/4” round, stainless steel, with padlock feature
Mounting Base, pedestal, or side of pole mounting
Weight 204 lbs without plug-ins or controller


  • Anchor bolts for base mounting
  • Brackets for side of pole mounting
  • Plates for pedestal mounting