M ATC Cabinet - Rack Mount

The M ATC Rack Mount Cabinet is part of SWARCO McCain’s revolutionary ATC cabinet series and is built to comply with the latest ATC Standard 5301 V02, making it one of the safest and most efficient cabinets on the market today. The traditional “M” footprint features side-by-side front and back-door design with reduced door swing, ideal for congested or narrow walkways. Through best-in-class diagnostics, smart components, and cutting-edge technology, SWARCO McCain’s ATC Cabinets are the safest available today. With the most sold in the industry, our proven ATC Cabinets meet the needs of today’s smart cities and are ready for tomorrow’s challenges, including the future of connected and autonomous vehicles.


  • Safeguards against accidental shock from inadvertent contact with high voltages
  •  Detects a dark approach for increased driver safety
  • Monitors FTR and flasher continuously to ensure operability
  • Promotes easy access with side-by-side front and back door designs
  • Reduced door swing ideal for heavily trafficked walkways
  • Connected vehicle ready

Standard Features

  • Field output termination assembly provides removable contact blocks for easy connections to field signal wires, sockets for flash transfer relays (FTRs), and flash program blocks (FPBs) for output channels
  • All channels are flashable and programmable
  • FPBs control and select the color (red, yellow, or dark) during flash
  • Hermetically sealed high-density FTR features an LED indicator to visually confirm relay is operational and contacts have transferred
  • Interior LED cabinet light
  • Model 2202 dual flasher/switch pack combination
  • Exterior is continuously welded


  • 24 or 48-channel input assembly
  • 2 or 4-channel industry standard detection modules
  • 4 channel detector, PPB, EVP, etc.
  • 16-channel output assembly
  • 32-channel CMU
  • CMU auxiliary display unit
  • Model 2216-24 cabinet power supply
  • DC power/communication assembly
  • Garmin GPS communication panel
  • Police panel with On/Off, MCE, Auto/Flash. and Interval Advance push-button cable
  • Slide-out drawer for storing programming blocks, plans etc.

General Specifications

Dimensions 65” H x 36” W x 27” D
Material 5052-H32 aluminum, 0.125” thick
Finishes Natural, powder coat (standard, anti-graffiti, and custom colors)
Access Front door (2), Rear door (2)
Latching System 3-point, choice of Corbin or Best locks
Handles 3/4” round, stainless steel with padlock hasp
Door Stops 90° and 180° (±10°), bottom
Ventilation Thermostatically controlled 100 CFM fan Louvered air intake in door, Ring Panel air filter
Mounting Base mounted


  • 3/4” x 16” anchor bolts for mounting (4)
  • Garmin GPS Communication Panel
  • ATC Cabinet Input Test Panel
  • Cabinet Test Display
  • Input File Test Card
  • ATC CyberCabinet
  • ATC Cabinet Alarm Panel