G NEMA Cabinet

G NEMA Cabinets meet all the functional requirements of the NEMA TS 2 cabinet specification, affording all the flexibility and advanced features of the NEMA TS 2 design. Built with two compartments - an upper cabinet and a lower pedestal cabinet, both with full size doors - the cabinet interior is easily accessible, making it a versatile choice to fit your requirements.


  • Unique dual compartment design
  • Maintain cabinet with ease
  • Ideal for areas with space limitations
  • Comply with NEMA Standards

Standard Features

  • 8-position load bay
  • Police door with “Auto/Manual” and “Auto/Flash” switches
  • Manual advance switch
  • Switch panel with “Auto/Flash,” “Signals On/Off,” “Stop Time,” and controller “On/Off” switches
  • Cabinet light
  • Main circuit breaker
  • GFI convenience outlet
  • Duplex receptacle, all terminals are barrier type
  • Alarm door switch


  • Detector rack, 6-position with BIU
  • BIU (separate unit mounted on back panel)
  • 8-position  load bay
  • 7-position SDLC bus
  • 16-channel MMU
  • Flash transfer relay sockets (4)
  • Cabinet power supply

General Specifications


Upper Cabinet: 40” H x 24.6” W x 18.8” D

Pedestal Cabinet: 30” H x 20” W x 17.3” D

Pedestal Cabinet Base: 3” H x 17” W x 13.3” D

Material 5052-H32 aluminum, 0.125” thick
Finish Natural, anodized, or powder coated with optional anti-graffiti coating

Upper Cabinet: Front (1), full size

Pedestal Cabinet: Front (1), full size

Handles 3/4” round, stainless steel, with padlock feature (upper cabinet only)
Mounting Base mounted
Weight 222 lbs without plug-ins or controller