170 ATC ColdFire Controller

McCain's 170 ATC ColdFire Controller is a modernized version of the 170 family of controllers featuring a Freescale ColdFire 32 Bit micro-controller. The 170 ATC ColdFire is a drop-in replacement for 170 controllers with superior computing power and performance. The controller is a cost-effective alternative to 2070 controllers.


  • Better performance that a 2070 controller
  • Menu driven LCD front panel (2070 compatible)
  • Onboard temperature sensor provides internal controller temperature readings
  • Custom built-in operating system
  • True Ethernet capability
  • USB mass-storage device interface

Standard Features

Operating System

  • Uses a custom BIOS
  • Application Program Interface (API) available from McCain for third party software development

Modules (standard, included)

  • CPU Module
  • Input Module
  • Output Module
  • LCD/Front Panel Module
  • Power Supply


  • CPU Module : Freescale MCF5282CVM66, 32Bit MCU

Backup real-time clock (RTC)

Applicable standards

  • Compatible with Caltrans TEES standards as applicable to 170 controllers


  • 16 MB SDRAM
  • 64 KB SRAM
  • 32 KB Serial EEPROM
  • 8 MB Flash memory



Communication Interfaces

  • RA232 Serial ports (4) of which (1) can be rerouted to FPA
  • Modem slots (2)
  • Ethernet port
  • USB port

Front Panel Interfaces

  • Display: 8 lines x 40 characters
  • Keyboards: 3 x 4 navigation and 4 x 4 data entry keypads

Cabinet Interfaces

  • Rear connectors C1S, C2S, C20S, C30S, C40S, and T1

General Specifications

Dimensions 19"H x 7" W x 13"D (rounded to the nearest inch"
Form Factor EIA rack mount compatible
Power Download cut sheet

Operating Temperature: -37° C to +74° C

Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)

Weight 15 lbs (± based on final module selection)


  • McCain control software

Available Modules

  • GPS (Global Positioning System) module
  • Modem module