ATC FLeX® Controller

The ATC FLeX Controller represents the latest design in SWARCO McCain's ATC eX series of advanced transportation controllers. Leveraging a Linux engine board, the controller has a real-time, open source operating system that supports the latest ITS applications including the high-res data collection and V2X applications. Measuring just 5.5” tall, the compact design is available in both shelf mount and rack mount versions offering speed and performance for any ATC or Caltrans cabinet configuration.


  • Meets or exceeds latest ATC/ITE industry standards
  • Oversized display with split-screen option for users operating Omni eX® Intersection Control Software
  • Open architecture Linux platform supports McCain and other multiple vendor application software
  • Supports high-resolution data collection
  • Connects in any environment through a wide variety of communication options
  • Enables remote access and control through webbased user interface (for users with wifi option, proper network, and software)

Controller Standard Features

Operating System
  • Linux
  • Freescale PowerQUICC II Pro microprocessor
Modules (standard, included)
  • None
Microprocessors Memory
  • SD card slot
  • 16MB Flash memory NOR
  • 256MB Flash memory NAND
  • 256MB DRAM
  • 2MB Non-volatile SRAM
Applicable Standards
  • Proposed ATC 6.24 standards
  • NTCIP base standards (where applicable)
  • Backup Real-Time Clock (RTC)

Controller Interfaces

Communication Interfaces
  • SDLC ports (2)
  • Serial (asynchronous) (3)
  • ENET 1: 100 Base-T Ethernet ports (2)
  • ENET 2: 100 Base-T Ethernet ports (2) dedicated for local communications
  • USB ports (2)
  • Wifi enabled (optional)
Front Panel Interface
  • 16 line x 40 character display
  • 7 x 4 keypad (28 key)
  • Datakey
Cabinet Interfaces
  • Caltrans cabinets C1S, C11S (optional)
  • ITS/ATC cabinets SP3, SP5

General Specifications


Shelf mount: 5.25" H x 12.5" W x 7" D
Rack mount: 5.25" H x 19" W x 7" D

Form Factor EIA rack mount compatible
Power 89 VAC to 135 VAC, 60 Hz (± 3 Hz)

Operating Temperature: -37° C to +74° C
Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)


Shelf mount: 7.1 lbs
Rack mount: 8.1 lbs