OPTIPARK® Parking Guidance System (PGS)

OPTIPARK Parking Guidance System (PGS) alerts drivers to available parking, maximizes occupancy, enhances the driver experience, and boosts revenue. This advanced solution also provides rich data collection, robust reporting, and the ability to integrate with third party applications.


  • Enhance user experience
  • Increase utilization and revenue
  • Fully modular, expandable system
  • Integrate with citywide wayfinding, websites, and parking apps
  • NTCIP compliant

Standard Features

Superior Detection
  • Easy-to-install Power over Ethernet (POE) cameras utilize state-of-the-art object recognition and path tracking
Data Integration
  • Integrate parking data into smart phone apps, city websites, maps, business intelligence platforms, and PARCS systems

Customizable Wayfinding Signs

  • Energy-efficient signs can display parking availability as well as custom messages and images in full color

Central Control

  • Management software provides a single data aggregator for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating parking availability.

Scalable Architecture

  • Ideal for any size parking lot. Can include multiple lots, structures, signs, sensors, etc.

Vendor Agnostic

  • Regardless of what solution providers you work with, the open architecture of OPTIPARK Software means you are not locked into sourcing from a single vendor

Reduced Operational Cost

  • All components are built in-house to the highest quality standards, reducing your risk and overall cost of ownership. Energy-efficient cameras, controllers, and signs with the industry’s longest meantime between failures (MTBF), save you money and boost your bottom line

Single Source

  • All system components are provided by SWARCO and our sister SWARCO companies, reducing the hassle and risk of dealing with multiple vendors

Quick and Easy Installation

  • With minimal infrastructure requirements, OPTIPARK PGS can get up and running in no time with little out-of-pocket expense.