Snow Scoop Visor

Scoop Tunnel Visors are advanced signal visors that combat snow buildup on signal lenses in cold climates. A louvered vent on top, coupled with an open bottom help funnel air across the face of the lens reducing snow accumulation. The Scoop Tunnel Visor has seen a surge in popularity given the industry’s move to energy-efficient LEDs that don’t emit enough heat to melt snow rapidly.


  • Reduce snow buildup on signal lens
  • Increase signal visibility
  • Twist-on tabs make installation a breeze
  • Complement McCain traffic signals

Standard Features

  • Scoop channels wind across lens face
  • Twist-on mounting tabs
  • 3° downward tilt

General Specifications

Dimensions 12” D x 10.5” L
Material Aluminum
Finish(es) Powder coated

Exterior: Federal yellow, signal green, black, or custom colors

Interior: Flat black

Mounting Twist-on tabs
Weight 1.7 lbs