Advanced Variable Message Sign (AVMS)

Advanced Variable Message Sign (AVMS) provide advisory information to en route motorists, such as Amber Alerts, accidents, events, road work, and estimated travel times. Designed to meet the latest Caltrans TEES Specifications , AVMS signs can help reduce traffic delays by keeping motorists informed of road conditions and closures so they may alter their routes accordingly.


  • Boasts advanced LED pixel matrix module design
  • Cuts costs due to higher energy efficiency
  • Notifies operator of pixel failure and live sign/message status
  • Provides live status of door open, fan filter, temperature, and humidity alarms
  • Facilitates quick and efficient service or repair
  • Provides reduced glare and increased message contrast and visibility
  • Supports standard assemblies, ensuring component interchangeability

Standard Features

  • PMM Type 1 (63)
  • Remote I/O Box
  • Test Box
  • Temperature Sensor (2)
  • Light Sensor (3)
  • Fan Box (1)
  • Ethernet Switch (3)
  • +24 VDC Power Supply (7)
  • PDA
  • Light Indicator
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Moxa Controller
  • NTCIP 1203 or Sign View software operable

General Specifications

Dimensions Maximum: 308” L x 89” H x 21” D
Material 5052-H32 aluminum, 0.125” thick
Finish PMM: powder coat
Sign weldment/housing: latex
Color Front/inside: black
Sides/back/top/bottom: Beige
Doors Front (2), right and left
Latching System Multipoint with 9/16" locking plate bolt
Mounting Z-bar brackets on rear
Weight 1,920 lbs