Lane Control Signs (LCS)

Lane Control Signs (LCS) powered by SWARCO, provide lane status to en-route motorists through high-quality LED displays. Strategically placed, these signs improve overall traffic flow and commuter safety by informing drivers of lane closures and directing traffic to open lanes. LCS applications are commonly used in Active Traffic Management corridors, airport entrances, toll lanes, and parking garages.

*custom & other options available


  • Directs or blocks traffic with directional arrows (straight, right, or left) and an “X”
  • Improves visibility from any angle with unrivaled contrast ratios
  • Emits little to no heat, eliminating the need for additional cooling, ventilation, and/or defogging equipment
  • Boasts low total cost of ownership due to reduced energy consumption and minimal maintenance costs
  • Eliminate glare caused by sunlight and
  • Meets or exceeds NEC and NEMA standards
  • 16 mm pixel pitch