Omni eX® Intersection Control Software

Omni eX® Intersection Control Software is a revolutionary tool for managing the most demanding traffic control applications. Compatible with 2070 and NEMA-based ATC platforms and any style cabinet, Omni eX software provides a single solution for any infrastructure. Integrating with McCain Transparity® TMS enables complete ITS functionality by controlling all NTCIP devices through one system.


  • Provides a single solution for any controller/cabinet configuration
  • Complies with national industry standards including NEMA, ATC, and NTCIP
  • Assigns inputs and outputs, programmable logic and available custom NEMA D connectors without cumbersome external wiring or relays
  • Supports a 16-line screen with simultaneous display of status and menus
  • Ensures data accuracy and consistency with built-in data validation
  • Powerful data collection features, including measures of effectiveness (MOE) and detector data logging, with results storable locally via USB or to a central management system.

Standard Features


  • 16 volume/density vehicle phases
  • 16 pedestrian phases
  • 4 rings with flexible phase assignments and sequences
  • Automatic barrier calculation based on compatible phases
  • Variable phase sequence
  • Exclusive pedestrian-phase operation
  • Alternate timing for special vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians
  • Advanced and delayed walk
  • Texas diamond operation
  • 32-channel support
  • 4 unique sets of phase timing and options


  • 16 vehicle overlaps
  • 16 pedestrian overlaps
  • Negative (excluded) vehicle and pedestrian phases
  • Delayed start of green
  • Flashing yellow or red arrow overlaps
  • Detector call phases and locking
  • 4 unique sets of overlap configurations selectable by pattern


  • 250 free or coordinated patterns
  • Automatic or manual permissive
  • Fixed or floating force off
  • Reference beginning or end of green
  • Change virtually all operational parameters by pattern
  • 16 phase sequence selection by pattern


  • 128 local/system detectors
  • Single or dual detector speed calculation
  • Phase assignments configurable per detector, multiple phases per detector
  • Direct detector actuation for vehicle and pedestrian overlaps
  • All NTCIP detector options
  • Delay and extend timing
  • Alternate passage, minimum green and pedestrian timing detection
  • Vol/Occ configurable per detector
  • Detector failure monitoring configurable by time-of-day
  • Connect directly to video detection

Communication Protocols

Supports all industry standard communication protocols, including:

  • AB3418E


  • ATC 5.2b compliant controllers

Service & Support

Ongoing support packages are available to ensure that you always have the latest software version. Contact your McCain representative for more details.