2042 Ramp Meter Software

2042 Ramp Meter Software provides users an easy-to-use means of controlling traffic on freeway entrance ramps. Compatible with 2070 controllers, the software is capable of handling a variety of ramp configurations. When used in conjunction with mainline vehicle detectors, the software has proven to optimize traffic flow and enable freeway systems to accommodate larger traffic volumes.


  • Configure virtually any ramp meter with ease
  • Optimize ramp meter wait times and freeway speeds
  • Configure by time-of-day or in response to demand
  • Collect vehicle data including volume, occupancy, and speed
  • Integrate with central management software
  • Utilize with standard, off-the-shelf 2070 controllers

Standard Features

Metered Lane Sequencing Modes

  • Mutually exclusive
  • Free running
  • Fixed green offset

Detector Failure Modes

  • Erratic count
  • Maximum presence
  • No activity


  • Control manually, remotely, or according to schedule
  • Four time-of-day schedules with 16 events each
  • Holiday schedules enabled by date, day of week, or week of month

Operation Modes

  • Manual mode
  • Fixed rate
  • Traffic responsive

Warning Beacons

Feedback Displays

  • Real-time screens display status of all operational parameters
  • Operational mode, signal interval, control source, current metering level and rate for each ramp lane
  • Volume, occupancy, and speed for each mainline lane
  • Status of all field I/O pins
  • Status of all ramp and mainline detectors

Communication Protocols

  • QuicComm™
  • AB3418
  • RS-232
  • IP


  • 2070 controllers
  • 2070 NEMA controllers (with 2070-8 base)

Service & Support

Ongoing support packages are available to ensure that you always have the latest software version. Contact your McCain representative for more details.