Vandal Resistant Pull Box Insert

Vandal Resistant Pull Box Inserts are a simple and effective tool for discouraging copper theft; providing safety and security to the most common pull box types and sizes. Copper theft is a rising problem across the country, increasing 500% since 2001.Costly to taxpayers and timely to repair, it can create dangerous conditions and pose a severe threat to our national infrastructure.


  • Protects essential infrastructure assets
  • Promote community safety
  • Retrofit standard pull boxes with ease
  • Durable galvanized steel construction

Standard Features

  • Lid forms integral cover over lock shackle
  • Lock housing welded to bottom of lid
  • Mounting brackets
  • Tabs on mounting brackets slip under pull box walls
  • Grounding kit

General Specifications

Dimensions Varies according to pull box style and size

Lid and lock box: 3/16”

Mounting brackets and lock hasp: ¼”

Material Steel
Finish Hot dipped, galvanized
Weight Varies depending on pull box style and size