SWARCO McCain, Inc. awarded multi-million dollar contract renewal for ATC Cabinets in Northern California

SAN DIEGO, California, February, 16 2023 - SWARCO McCain, Inc., a leader in the supply of advanced transportation solutions, today announced that the company has been awarded a third consecutive contract to supply its McCain ATC Cabinets by the City of San Francisco, California. The latest award takes the length of the partnership to 10 years.

SWARCO McCain, Inc. designed a range of specific cabinets to meet the needs and requirements of San Francisco’s unique intersection configurations environment as the city continues to move away from legacy NEMA cabinets to state-of-the-art McCain ATC Cabinets.

San Francisco has already deployed 320 McCain ATC Cabinets over the course of the two previous contract awards to SWARCO McCain, Inc., with the new iteration set to see the deployment of a further 300, to add to the existing 5000 across North America.

SWARCO McCain Vice President of Sales Nathan Welch says: “Our Vice President of Hardware Engineering, Reza Roozitalab, and his team helped San Francisco see a vision of the future of advanced traffic management. In 2010 the city was still using NEMA style cabinets. We won that contract and then shortly after that, we started working with them to progress into the future with ATC cabinets.”

One of the main benefits of the McCain ATC Cabinets is that they are future-proof. “As the city grows and demand on the technology increases,” says Welch, “the city might run out of inputs and outputs to the cabinet that they currently have. Instead of throwing out their whole cabinet, they can just put in new modules and modify the cabinet to the needs of the intersection. From a procurement standpoint, it just makes sense. From a maintenance standpoint, it just makes sense. And from an operational standpoint, it also just makes sense.”

The cabinets provided in this project include the revolutionary McCain M ATC Cabinet (both rack- and shelf-mounted), with the traditional M footprint of NEMA cabinets, and McCain 356i ATC Cabinet, boasting a compact size and robust functionality. Overall, the McCain ATC Cabinet Series is one of the safest and most efficient on the market today and offers a modern design with advanced safety features including benefits like increased safety for technicians and drivers, enhanced operations, and reduced costs. The traditional McCain M ATC Cabinet’s footprint features side-by-side front door design with reduced door swing, ideal for congested or narrow walkways. Through best-in-class diagnostics, smart components, and cutting-edge technology, SWARCO McCain, Inc.’s proven ATC Cabinets meet the needs of today’s smart cities and are ready for tomorrow’s challenges, including the future of connected and autonomous vehicles.

On this being the third time that SWARCO McCain, Inc. has won the ATC contract with San Francisco (the original win in 2013 and the two subsequent renewals), Welch says: “There’s two ways to approach these bids. The first is to say ‘Here’s our products, this is what you need’ or, the way that we prefer, is to say ‘Let’s design something with and for you.’”

SWARCO McCain, Inc, has a long-standing relationship with the City and County and the company sees it more as a partnership. San Francisco’s interest in ATC cabinet technology is coupled with a unique ability to address the different configurations and complexities of their intersections, all while standardizing on ATC cabinet assemblies and components. This reduces the learning curve, the management of inventory and overall costs.

About SWARCO McCain, Inc.

San Diego-based transportation technology firm SWARCO McCain Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and traffic control products to promote increased roadway safety, improved traffic efficiency, and more sustainable communities.

Part of the SWARCO Group since 2016, an Austrian-headquartered global leader in ITS and road marking systems with 5,300 traffic experts serving business partners in 80+ countries, SWARCO McCain, Inc. helps improve quality of life by making the travel experience safer, quicker, more convenient, and environmentally sound.


About the City of San Francisco

San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the commercial, financial, and cultural center of Northern California. The city proper is the fourth most populous in California, with 815,201 residents as of 2021 and covers a land area of 46.9 square miles (121 square kilometers) at the end of the San Francisco Peninsula, making it the second-most densely populated large U.S. city after New York City and the fifth most densely populated U.S. county, behind four of the five New York City boroughs.




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