170E HC11 Controller

SWARCO McCain's 170 Controllers are industry standard controllers in compliance with applicable Caltrans Transportation Electrical Equipment Specification (TEES) standards. Built to McCain's high quality standards, the controllers' rugged and dependable construction is reliable and capable of operating in harsh environments. The controllers' 19-inch Electronics Industry Alliance (EIA) rack mount form allows them to easily fit any standard EIA-based cabinet. Built on a modular design, SWARCO McCain's 170 line of controllers easily accommodates the interchange on modules and components. 


  • Multi-purpose microcomputer
  • Operates in harsh environments
  • Vertical board design
  • Accepts two plug-in communications modules
  • Low maintenance
  • Low wattage, removeable power supply

Standard Features

Operating System

  • None

Modules (standard, included)

  • CPU Module
  • Input Module
  • Output Module
  • Front Panel Module
  • Power Supply


  • 170E HC11 & 170 ATC HC11: 68HC11 operating at 9.8 MHz (typical)



  • 32KB (170E)
  • 128KB EPROM, 2 banks of 32KB (170E HC11 and 170 ATC HC11)
  • RAM: 32KB

Backup real-time clock (170E HC11 and 170 ATC HC11)

Applicable standards

  • Compatible with applicable Caltrans TEES standards 



Communication Interfaces

  • RS232 serial ports (4)
  • Modem slots (2 slots for the 170E HC11 and 4 slots for the 170 ATC HC11)

Front Panel Interfaces

  • Display: (6) seven-segement LED displays plus 10 call active LEDs
  • Keyboard: 4x4 keypads

Cabinet Interfaces

  • Rear connectors C1S, C2S, C20S, C30S, C40S, and T1
  • Rear connector C125 (170 ATC HC11 only)

General Specifications

Dimensions 19"H x 7" W x 13"D (rounded to the nearest inch"
Form Factor EIA rack mount compatible
Power Download cut sheet

Operating Temperature: -37° C to +74° C

Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)

Weight 15 lbs (± based on final module selection)


  • McCain control software

Available Modules

  • 412F PROM module (170E HC11)
  • 412C PROM module (170E HC11)
  • Ethernet module
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) module
  • Modem module