Railroad Interface Panel (RRIP)

The RRIP helps traffic agencies improve safety and operations at railroad crossings in adherence with the proposed regulations from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) standard. The RRIP provides a single termination panel for all field wires in any traffic cabinet/controller configuration. Field inputs enable traffic agencies to easily monitor railroad status and interface with the signal controller. Complete with built in fail-safe circuits, which continually monitor the state of critical inputs, any change in state will be relayed to the traffic controller to help ensure motorist and pedestrian safety.


  • Boost motorist and pedestrian safety at railroad crossings with an enhanced fail-safe design
  • Provide a single entry point for railroad inputs, making it easier to setup, maintain, and troubleshoot
  • Compatible with Caltrans, NEMA, and ATC cabinets

Standard Features

LED Status Indicators

Labeled LED indicators illuminate based on the output from the controller to ensure the controller is accurately monitoring each input.
▪ Input indicators, one per input (5)
▪ Controller watchdog indicator (1)
▪ Fault indicator (1)

Health Circuit

A health circuit, consisting of a mechanical relay, indicates to the railroad if an issue arises with the traffic cabinet, e.g. if there is a problem with the TCR and SUP field wires, which can cause the cabinet to not see a preemption.

Wire Harness (NEMA/Caltrans)

There are three wire harness options which all include a direct connection to the RRIP:
▪ C11 connector - Plugs directly into the 2070 controller’s C11 connector and provides all the inputs and outputs used.
▪ Input file cable with spade lugs - Enables the RRIP to be wired directly into the cabinet’s input file. This option is not compatible with the LED status indicators.
▪ C5 connector with spade lugs - Provides wires with spade lugs for the input file and a C5 connector to drive LED indicators from outputs in the auxiliary file.


Terminal Blocks

The RRIP supports five (5) standard relay connections (NO, NC and
common) and one mechanical relay for the traffic cabinet health circuit.
The RRIP panel circuits are:

Three-Position Terminal Blocks
▪ ADV - Advance preemption
▪ TCR - Traffic control relay (sometimes called PRE)
▪ SUP - Supervisor relay (reverse operation of the TCR)
▪ XR - Crossing active when lights start flashing and gates start down
▪ ISL - Island circuit or gate down circuit when gates are near

Additional Terminal Block
▪ HLT - Health circuit, a closed circuit means the traffic cabinet is
operating normally

General Specifications

Dimensions NEMA/Caltrans: 4" H x 4.5" W
ATC: 19" W x 1.75" H x 3" D
Power EIA rack mount form factor (2070-7G)
Power NEMA/Caltrans: The railroad side requires an
external +12 volts @ 1/4 ADC power supply.
ATC: The railroad side has an internal +12 volts
isolated power supply rated at 1/4A. The status LEDs
are powered by the cabinet’s +24 volt power supply.
Environment Operating Temperature: --37° C to +74° C
Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
Mounting NEMA/Caltrans: Four (4) 1/2” standoffs for mounting
to cabinet side panel
ATC: 19” EIA rack mount
Shipping Weight 1 lb