Dynamic Message Signs

Dynamic message signs (DMS) promote road safety and awareness by providing travelers with information about unique driving conditions, events, or alerts.


Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)

Provide advisory information to the motoring public using full-color text, symbols and pictures.

Changeable Message Signs (CMS)

Provide highway advisory information to the motoring public. Three models available.

Blank-Out Signs (BOS)

Boost driver compliance with highly-visible roadway signs.
Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS)

Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS)

Adjust speed limit in response to road and traffic conditions, such as heavy traffic or adverse weather.

Lane Control Signs (LCS)

Actively manage traffic by directing motorists to open lanes or alerting them of lane closures.

Extinguishable Message Signs (EMS)

Display a fixed message or warning in a non-glare window for improved visibility.

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