2033 Intersection Control Software

2033 Intersection Control Software is a vital tool for managing traffic flow at signalized intersections. The program, which operates on 2070 Controllers, has an advanced feature set and user-friendly display allowing users to manage a wide scope of traffic signal applications. All SWARCO McCain software programs are backed by our elite support team.


  • Manage traffic at signalized intersections
  • Improve intersection safety and efficiency
  • Support multiple communication options
  • Backed by McCain’s elite support team

Standard Features


  • 8 volume/density vehicle phases
  • 8 pedestrian phases
  • Multiple phase timing banks
  • Variable phase sequence
  • Exclusive pedestrian phase operation
  • Alternate timing for special vehicles or pedestrians
  • Advance and delayed WALK operation


  • 32 time-of-day/day-of-week events
  • 32 holiday events
  • Traffic responsive plan selection when used with QuicNet® Pro
  • 3 permissive periods
  • Phase sequence selection by plan
  • Recall selection by plan


  • 8 overlaps
  • 3 overlap parent phase sets
  • Negative vehicle and pedestrian phases


  • 32 local and system detectors
  • Phase assignment configurable by detector
  • Each detector function configurable as count, call, or extension
  • Delay and carryover configurable by detector
  • 3 detector function sets
  • Detector failure monitoring


  • General purpose alarm
  • Special functions
  • Pre-timed operation
  • Phase banks (3)
  • Overlap sets (3)
  • Detector sets (3)
  • External permitted phases


  • Coordination plan
  • Detector failure
  • Advance warning beacons

Communication Protocols

Supports a variety of communication protocols, including:

  • Internet protocol (IP)
  • QuicComm™
  • AB3418E
  • RS-232/422
  • Bell 202T (4 wire FSK)
  • Dial-up/dial-back (PSTN)


Service & Support

Ongoing support packages are available to ensure that you always have the latest software version. Contact your McCain representative for more details.