332E Cabinet

332E Cabinets are enhanced versions of the 332-style cabinet designed for improved safety and energy efficiency. The cabinet’s innovative features increase roadside safety in the event of a malfunction or failure, while the ecofriendly design reduces energy consumption through the use of a high-efficiency power supply. The cabinet is also made without the use of the harmful toxin mercury.


  • Enhance roadside safety
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Versatile, weatherproof, and secure cabinet
  • Interchange assemblies between manufacturers
  • Reduce the effects of vandalism with optional anti-graffiti coating
  • Mercury-free, ecofriendly design

Standard Features

  • 8-phase, 4-pedestrian operation
  • 36 detector channel capability
  • 2-channel or 4-channel industry standard detection modules
  • Input panel with termination blocks
  • Railroad preemption inputs (2)
  • Emergency vehicle preemption inputs (4)
  • Programmable “Yellow/Red” or “All Red” flashes
  • DC isolation inputs for pedestrian push buttons and special functions
  • 2018/2010/210 Signal Monitor slot


  • 14-position input files (2)
  • 12-position output file
  • Power-saving, high-efficiency power supply
  • Power Distribution Assembly (PDA)
  • Flash transfer relay sockets (4)
  • Dual-circuit flasher sockets (2)
  • Input panel
  • Service panel
  • Police panel with signal “On/Off” and “Auto/Flash” switches

General Specifications

Dimensions 67” H x 24” W x 30” D
Material 5052-H32 aluminum, 0.125” thick
Finish Natural, anodized, or powder coated with optional anti-graffiti coating
Door(s) Front (1), back (1), all full size
Handles 5/8” removable aluminum hex key
Mounting Base mounted
Weight 265 lbs without plug-ins or controller


  • 18-channel CMU
  • 6-position auxiliary output file
  • Anchor bolts for mounting
  • Sunshields
  • Drawer assembly(s)
  • LED light rope(s)