Pedestrian Signal Housings

Pedestrian Signal Housings are designed for use in conjunction with standard or LED pedestrian signal modules to promote pedestrian safety at intersections. These housings offer a low maintenance, durable unit in either die cast aluminum or injection-molded polycarbonate resin. Available in multiple styles, the polycarbonate housings are reinforced for superior strength and durability.


  • Increase visibility and impact protection
  • Use in any environment
  • Remove and reverse, or permanently attach door-hinge hardware
  • Customize housing with available options

Standard Features

  • 12” or 16” Housing
  • Durable aluminum or polycarbonate construction
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Terminal block

General Specifications


12” Housing: 14.0” H x 15.0” W x 11.3” D

16” Housing: 18.7” H x 18.5” W x 9.1” D

Material Aluminum or polycarbonate

Aluminum: Powder coated

Polycarbonate: Colored resins integral to housing

Color(s) Federal yellow, signal green, black, or custom colors

Front door (1)

16”: hinged top or bottom

12”: hinged left or right

Latching System Eye bolt assemblies
Mounting Standard signal hardware

Operating Temperature: -37° C to +74° C

Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)


12” Housing: Poly 5 lbs, Al 9 lbs

16” Housing: Poly 9 lbs, Al 10 lbs



  • LED or incandescent
  • International Hand/Man symbol
  • “WALK”/”DON’T WALK” words


  • Vantage Visor (16” only)
  • Cap (12” only)
  • Tunnel


  • Clamshell mount (16” only)


  • Custom terminal blocks
  • Permanent or removable door hardware
  • Polycarbonate 10% fiberglass fill (optional on 16”, standard on 12”)