Clamshell Mount

Clamshell Mounts are a quick and convenient way to mount 16-inch pedestrian signals. Installed half on the pole and half on the housing, the dual-mount unit easily slides together creating a singular, secure mount. When the pedestrian housing requires maintenance or needs to be replaced, the mount easily separates, allowing the housing to be quickly taken down and remounted in the field.


  • Secure pedestrian housings confidently
  • Install quickly and easily
  • Complement McCain pedestrian signals 

Standard Features

  • 2-part mounting assembly
  • Symmetrical mounting holes for left or right mounting
  • Weathertight neoprene gasket
  • 3-position, 2-row terminal block mounted in the upper half of the signal mounted portion; one side with fast-on terminals, the other side with screw terminals
  • 28” wire leads (3) provided to wire clamshell terminal block to pedestrian signal terminal block
  • Field wiring is terminated on clamshell terminal block
  • Flathead 3/16” hex socket closure bolt

General Specifications

Dimensions 11.1” H x 5.1” W x 2.4” D
Material Cast aluminum alloy
Finish(es) Powder coated
Color(s) Federal yellow, signal green, black, or custom colors
Latching System Flathead 3/16” hex socket bolt
Mounting Band, through-bolt, or lag screw
Weight 4.5 lbs