Transparity® Adaptive

Transparity Adaptive autonomously generates optimal signal timing parameters across an arterial network by adjusting cycle lengths, phase splits, and offsets based on prevailing traffic. Transparity Adaptive provides a suite of synchronization strategies to improve operations and mobility, as there is no “one size fits all” solution to improve traffic flow. Whether implementing optimized coordination parameters, invoking peer-to-peer synchronization, or triggering historically effective timing plans for peak periods, SWARCO McCain’s assortment of adaptive technologies are effective for the unique roadways within your agency.


  • Improve arterial performance
  • Adjust to real-time traffic demand
  • Reduce stops, delays, and travel time
  • Boost intersection efficiency and mobility
  • Minimize congestion emissions
  • Reduce signal timing engineering efforts and prolong timing effectiveness
  • Program and maintain with ease
  • Analyze arterial performance with high-resolution data reports

How It Works

Analyze Real-Time Traffic Conditions
Collect data from existing detection technology to identify demand trends including:

  • Signal phase demand
  • Arterial volume
  • Directional volume
  • Link speed

Calculate Optimal Signal Timing
Determine new signal timing parameters along the corridor to meet changing demand.

Measure Performance
Validate and verify the effectiveness of adaptive operations by viewing real-time records of:

  • Split utilization and phase demand
  • Phase reason for termination
  • Cycle length requests and changes
  • Detector volume and occupancy reports

Enhance signal performance measures with McCain high-resolution data reporting, that also provides:

  • Arrivals on green versus red (approach volume)
  • Green red occupancy ratio (Purdue phase termination)
  • Platoon ratio / arrival type
  • Phase wait time

System Requirements


Service & Support

Ongoing support packages are available to ensure that you always have the latest software version. Contact your McCain representative for more details.